From November 17 after sunset

ICOON AFSLUITDIJK shows the power of nature as a source of energy and light and is an example of a future, green landscape. Through a subtle layer of interaction, Roosegaarde enhances the beauty of the Afsluitdijk and makes new connections between man and landscape, past and future, darkness and light, poetry and functionality. Do you want to know more? Listen to the unique Icoon Afsluitdijk podcast on this website and get a tour through the rich context of the project.

GATES OF LIGHT is a permanent installation, GLOWING NATURE and WINDVOGEL can be seen until 21 January 2018.

Note: WINDVOGEL is dependent on the weather. Keep an eye on this website for updates on whether or not WINDVOGEL is flying.

GLOWING NATURE is sold out, there are no more tickets available. The algae lab of GLOWING NATURE can be visited, no tickets are required. The lab is located like GLOWING NATURE located at the kazemattenmuseum.

Always check the updates on this website before visiting Icoon Afsluitdijk.

Park for GLOWING NATURE at: De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk, address: Sluisweg 1a, 8752 TR Kornwerderzand. Pick up reserved tickets here and watch Felix Kop’s film 32 KM. Due to the location and 15 minutes’ walk, less suited for invalids.

Read the frequently asked questions on www.deafsluitdijk.nl More info via email: postbus.icoon.afsluitdijk@rws.nl or by phone via Rijkswaterstaat: 0800-8002.